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A word from the Mayor...

Hello, neighbors. I'm Jim Eadens, Mayor of Hillview, and I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of our residents, and all those visiting our website, to navigate through the pages and offer suggestions for web site improvements, and most of all, offer comments and suggestions for making the City of Hillview an even BETTER place to live. We are proud of our community, we strive for excellence, and we hope that the open forum via this website will encourage citizens to better communicate with their elected officials.

We solicit your comments, both good and bad. If we are doing a good job, certainly we want to hear about it. If you see a need for improvement in our city services, police department, or any other area, we want to know that, too. Although we can't promise that every request will be honored, we don't even have a chance to make a change if you don't tell us what's on your mind. So in the interest of community spirit and communication, please work with us to make the City of Hillview a great place to call home and a community we can all be proud of.


Jim Eadens,
Your Mayor