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Woman mountain biking

Hillview Community Bicycle Project

The Hillview Community is taking donations of used bicycles and tricycles for a totally "green" community project. Mayor Jim Eadens, Terry Bohannon and Craig Gosselin are proud to announce that these bikes will be used right in your own community. If your donated bike or trike is usable or can be made usable it will be proudly placed in the "community racks" for all Hillview citizens to enjoy. Be the first to make a most positive contribution to this worthy project and then look around to see your donation at work.

Bikes can be directly deposited at the Hillview Public Works Garage or call 716-8033 (Craig Gosselin) to arrange for a donation pickup.

More information:

The Hillview Community Bike Project is a progressive decision on behalf of Mayor Jim Eadens and Terry Bohannon (Hillview Parks and Recreation Director) to help move Hillview to a healthier, greener place to reside. The project was designed by Craig Gosselin, a nearby resident of the Hillview community and avid bicycle enthusiast. Bicycles donated from the local community and sponsor companies, like TARC, will be placed in Hillview Community racks (unlocked) for residents to ride and return. This project targets the heart of a giving community as it is self-sustaining and donations impact those persons you see everyday. We accept volunteer time to maintain the bicycles and salvage any non-usable bikes as parts. Scrap material from broken bicycles is sold to earn money to buy new parts for bikes needing minor repair. Some bikes will be auctioned to support purchase of new models to keep the project moving forward.


All "bike mechanics" and willing volunteer partners should contact Craig Gosselin ( or 716-8033). This is a fun and amazingly healthy project. Come learn...ride...fix and smile, as you see first hand how a small amount of your time can make huge impact on your neighbors.


Transit Authority of River City (TARC) is a responsible partner in the Hillview Community Bike Project. TARC is continually making strides to improve quality of life in our community by providing ever improving, affordable transportation services. TARC has agreed to donate a portion of its "lost and found" bikes to the Hillview project. These bicycles will stand as testament to the dedication TARC has to the people of Hillview. Thank you TARC...and thanks for delivering service to our community.

C&K Consulting (Craig and Kristy Gosselin) are sponsors of the Hillview Community Bike project and are its founding fathers. Craig is an employee of TARC and owns a small information technology consulting business. He donates his time to keep the community project moving forward and provides skilled labor as the "lead bike mechanic". Craig is willing and able to train persons who would like to volunteer as a "mechanic" but do not have a grasp on the how-to's of bicycles.

My Career Network (MCN) is a local .COM company that provides employment search services to KYANA. Collie King (CEO of MCN) is a firm supporter of "green" life style and has pledged to offer his support to this project and the Tour de Hillview community rides. We say...Thank you Collie for your sponsorship to this fine community. Your dedication to this effort will help the many.

Sponsorship is a meaningful way to thank your supporters. If you are a local company (have presence in the Hillview/Okolona area)and want to see your efforts and contributions be used right where you provide your services...please contact Craig Gosselin ( Your contribution will become part of a historical, green, healthy event and will go recognized.

Join us... we are powered by US!