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Hillview Public Works Department

Hillview Public Works Department
635 Prairie Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40229
(502) 955-8631

Jim Bohannon, Director

   Our public works facility is located at 635 Prairie Drive. This department is responsible for road maintenance and repairs, street signs, drainage, and maintaining other public areas of the city. We also offer services to our citizens that most cities do not. These services include limb chipping and a dumpster that is available for citizens to dispose of large items that their trash collection service may not take.

          We do not accept the following items at the dumpster: tires, refrigerators, air conditioners, batteries, paint or chemicals, any substance controlled by the E.P.A., or regular household trash (or debri from contractors). The dumpster is also open the first Saturday of each month (unless that Saturday falls on a holiday) from 8:00am to 4:00pm for your convenience.  Please bring your ID with you to verify that you are a Hillview resident.  Just a reminder that Waste Management accepts one large item per month, however you must call Waste Management ahead of time to schedule a pickup because a different truck is used for these large items.  WM can be reached at 502-966-0117.

       Limbs will be chipped as soon as the weather permits.  Please leave limbs whole and no larger than 7" in diameter.

       Limb chipping is done on Wednesday of each week, weather permitting. If you would like to utilize this service, you should contact our office no later than noon on Tuesday to ensure service on the following day. Limbs should be stacked neatly with the cut ends facing the street. We only chip limbs and cannot dispose of tree trunks or pieces of wood larger than 6 inches in diameter..  If you have any questions regarding these or other services, please feel free to contact us.    

City Dumpster - Will be open the 1st Saturday of each month, unless on a Holiday, then it will be scheduled for the following Saturday.
*Saturday, September 14, 20123 the dump will be open for Hillview residents
Effective July 1, 2012 residents will only be able to utilize the dumpster the first Saturday of each month.
*Waste Management will accept one large item per month, but you MUST call ahead because they have to bring a different truck to pick up the item.  Please contact WM at 966-0117 to schedule a pickup.